Conference "New Lessons from the Archives: The Evolving History of Central Banking"

Although the actions of central banks are often cloaked in silence, the lessons drawn from the management of bank failures and financial crises often give the impression that the smoke-filled room was bathed in sunlight. While policy makers internal deliberations have appeared, with few exceptions, as quick sketches, there are substantial underused archives of documents and data that can be accessed to provide a more complete and sometimes even dramatically different picture of the conduct of central banking from the late 19th century to the present. This conference brings together experts in this evolving field to present their findings.

The conference is jointly organized by the Institute for Banking and Financial History (IBF), the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE and the House of Finance (HoF) in the context of the Goethe University Visiting Professorship of Financial History*, currently held by Prof. Eugene N. White (Distinguished Professor of Economics, Rutgers University).

*The Visiting Professorship of Financial History is endowed by Metzler Bank and the Friedrich Flick Förderungsstiftung.

Please note that a registration is required. The attendance is free of charge.
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